Who:  Dan Dolderman — Human.  Father.  Systems thinker.  Nature lover.  Psychologist. Teacher.  Dungeon Master.

Why:   I have lived parts of my life inauthentically, and I know it to be a bad way to live.  I have also, for many years, followed the science on ecological collapse and social conflict, and I see this beautiful world full of life and magic and wonderful people, ending in the most horrendous way.  Everything we love — everything — is on the line and we need to learn, fast, how to evolve past the limitations of our historical prejudices and conflicts and, for the first time in human history, learn to live on this planet, together.  We have all the wealth, technology and ingenuity required to make Earth a true paradise, but this will require deep changes in the systems that comprise our global civilization.

From reinventing capitalism to learning how to transcend tribal affiliations, the crises of our times, accelerated by ecological collapse, provide us with the best opportunity we will ever have, to truly blossom into our full potential as a species.  The only thing we are missing is the collective will to truly, unselfishly, work together.  Figuring out how to get from “here” to “there”, is what my work is all about.

What:  Whatever Reality-at-large funnels through my consciousness.

Where:  Ummm…..I’m not even sure how to answer this.  On the internet?  I mean, like, there’s no way I’m telling you where I actually live!  Who thought up these crazy categories anyway?

When:  Right now, of course.  When else could it be?

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