58) Jordan Peterson, Part 5: The Perfect House Problem; Subsection 1 – He Who Is Without Sin


Tarantula Identification Assessment Tool

Put a check beside each of the following that describes you, at least “somewhat”.  

– Do you feel self-conscious about your looks?  

– Do you procrastinate?  

– Do you criticize yourself? a lot? 

– Do you watch too much TV, play too many video games, spend too much time on social media? 

– Do you have difficulty losing weight?  

– Do you hold yourself back?  Limit your success? 

– Do you watch too much porn?

– Do you cheat on your partner?

– Have you been unable to forgive someone who betrayed you?

– Are you a bully sometimes?  

– Do you get carried away when you tease people sometimes? 

– Are you overly insensitive?  Or overly sensitive?  

– Do you manipulate other people with your feelings sometimes?  

– Do you exaggerate?

– Are you passive-aggressive with some people?  

– Do you have mental health issues?  

– Do you hit the bottle a little too much?  Or the bong?  

– Do you fail to maintain a perfect diet sometimes?  

– Do you and your partner, spouse, etc., fight too much?

– Do you turn to food for comfort?  Do you have eating issues?

– Are you “lazy?” Or do you just find yourself too easily distracted from the things that are important?

– Do you get too little exercise?  Or…none?

– Do you find it difficult to keep up with your bills?

– Are you depressed?  

– Do you  have PTSD?  

– Did you have a difficult childhood, and it still holds you back from fully engaging in your life? 

– Do you have social anxiety?  

– Do you find yourself avoiding things?  

– Do you have panic attacks?  

– Do you have difficulty concentrating?

– Do you have trouble sleeping?  

– Do you have existential fears? 

– Do you often feel numb?  Do you sometimes feel like life is slipping by?

– Are you ever kind of mean with the people you love?  

– Are you unemployed?  

– Do you lie to people because you don’t want them to know certain bad things about yourself?  

– Do you have money problems?  Gambling?  Are you in debt?  

– Do you feel fake a lot of the time?  Do you have “imposter syndrome”?  

– Do you have a lot of dirty clothes on your floor?  

– Is your relationship unhappy?  Or, are you having a hard time getting into a relationship?  

– Are you lonely?  

– Do you have difficulties with intimacy?  

– Are you triggered by rejection?  Or sex?  Or anger?  Or any number of other things?  

– Do you dissociate sometimes, “gap out,” kind of ‘go somewhere in your head’?  

– Do you masturbate too much?  

– Do you have an addiction?

– Do you struggle with jealousy?  

– Do you let other people take advantage of your generosity?

– Do you find it hard to say ‘no’ in a lot of situations? 

– Do you have any conflictual relationships with members of your family?

– Are you a bit of a control freak?

– Do you lose your temper at — bad drivers, your kids, or people on the internet?


If you said YES to any of these questions (and the conclusions are even more dire, the more of these you said YES to), then Jordan Peterson has some advice for you (which I will paraphrase):


Quit your bitching and complaining and your virtue-signaling.  You have no business trying to “make a difference”.  

Quit your judging and sticking your nose in other people’s business and just stick your own nose to the grindstone.  

And ESPECIALLY don’t you go moaning about the world, thinking you know better than the VERY SMART PEOPLE who are working their butts off to give you your clean running water and electricity and movies and internet and hospitals and a relatively crime-free, safe society.  Who the hell are you to think that YOU have any right to criticize “the system”?   That system is keeping your sorry ass alive. 

Don’t be so naive.  Go home and sort yourself out! And when you’ve had a taste of the real world and know what you’re talking about, when you work your way up the ladder and EARN your place at the table through sweat and hard work, THEN get involved.  THEN you can make a real difference.  Until then, let the big boys run the show.  They’re the ones who can handle the pressure, after all.  They’re the competent ones, the ones who can be trusted with Great Responsibility.  

You?  Just scurry along now, back to your hole, and focus on making yourself less miserable.  Take the beam out of your own eye, just like the Bible says…Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. So, if you want to change things, better clean up your act. You’ve got some sins to take care of first.

This, is the “Perfect House Problem”, slightly over-dramatized to make a point.  I feel like I don’t even have to elaborate on this.  But holy fuck, am I ever going to, because this is unbelievably important. 

Jordan Peterson wants to save the world from the horrors of the Gulag, from the 100 million corpses he talks about.  But right here, in Rule #6 of “12 Rules for Life,” he gives us close to the WORST POSSIBLE advice for preventing more chaos, more hundreds of millions of corpses.  If there is such a thing as “sin,” then I’m sorry Jordan, but this is a huge one.  

(See subsection 2, where we’ll put it into Jordan’s own, actual words.)

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