15) Seize the Carp!!

Walking down the street, one of the last sunny fall days. The higher-pitch of a voice that has only been in use less than eleven years bounces up.

“Do you….do you ever think about….?” Pause. I lean in, as this seems important. We continue walking…..leaves skittering….

“Do you ever think about how today only happens one time. Like, September 30, 2017. Just once in, like, forever?? Do you ever think about that?”

Joy…..it was joy, mixed with pride…explodes in my chest. I grab her in a hug, laughing in ecstatic agreement, sharing her blossoming existential awakening. Yes, seize the day and all that good carp…yes!

She wanted to tell me one more thing. She leaned up. “I farted.”


Should I have felt disappointed? Had she somehow missed the point?

We burst out laughing, skittering like leaves, on one of the last sunny fall days.

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