#Infinity) September 29, 2017 – TurnAround

Friday, September 29, 2017
“5, 4, 3…..”

This day in history, I declare normal life, in all respects, to be over.  I know you’re busy. So here it is, in one bite sized chunk.

Ten years ago, I feared the day when science would tell us that our planetary life support system was about to break in a big , big way.

There were four Warning Signs of Doom at the top of my list. Any one of these, and Boom….

Here are the four signs.
– collapse of plankton in the oceans
– massive release of methane in the arctic
– the great barrier reef dying due to global warming and ocean acidification
– forests ceasing to function as “carbon sinks” — this is the last one I learned of happening, today.  So, that’s it…

Maybe you’re not familiar with environmental stuff. It’s not your interest, so you might have glossed over that or maybe it didn’t hit you very hard.

These are planetary death signs. Like doctors finding malignant tumours in your body.

Ten years ago, I feared, along with many scientists who study these things, that we were coming close to these. But surely not??!! This couldn’t REALLY happen. It’s too terrible of a nightmare.

But hey, at least if we ever did hit one of these, Everything Would Change, right? We would finally stop dithering and arguing and delaying and denying and everything else, and would Change Things. I hoped for the Star Trek scenario, where we ditched money, worked together, and fixed the world’s problems to avoid catastrophe at the last minute.. (Hint, we could do it with the equivalent of approx the US military budget’s worth of effort)….

We have passed all four of these Death Signs now, in the past 5 years.

That is the truth. I bet my entire life on it. In fact, we all are.

So…what now?
Well, this marks the end of normal life. The beginning of a rapid global awakening that is unprecedented in history. The people will reinvent the world. And we won’t wait for the politicians and corporations. We will force them.

Or, I’m sorry to my kids, yours, or whatever you hold dear, from the bottom of my heart, but we won’t otherwise get through this. This will be the last human century.

If you don’t believe this, well, I hope you’re right. I really, really do. There is a fucking mountain of science that agrees with me though. And no offense, but when I throw my Pokeball for the big battle to see who is right, “science, I choose you!”

So friend, brother, sister, this year, you are going to see and hear ways of getting involved and making a difference. When you can, when your life allows it, Help. I want to talk to you about that and help each other. From personal problems to the global scale. Cuz why not?

But right now, before you scroll further through your messages, just feel. As this global body, our life support system, begins to break and die, feel that.

Today, look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Here you are, thank god. Look around you. Look at the ones you love.

This is no joke. This is goodbye.

Or, this is the moment, like this year, this next very few years, when humankind — you and me and “them” — start loving the shit out of each other, and give birth to a new humanKind.

“…..2, 1…..
Ready or not, here it comes.”

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